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For Truckers






air transport

Air Transport


International air deliveries from all over the world. We have contacts with all major airlines and handling agents.



road transport

Road Transport


Road transport is one of the most popular ways of transportation around the world. It combines speed with flexibility of door-to-door delivery.



ocean transport

Ocean Transport


Containerised ocean transport is the most popular way of cargo transportation in terms of total weight of goods transported. It is very efficient if the cargo is not urgent and involving long distances to destinations.



rail transport

Rail Transport


Rail cargo is very effective on long distances. The most popular means for transporting goods over the routes: China-EU and China – CIS. It is containerized rail transport.



multimodal transport

Multimodal Transport


Pace Forwarding is offering international multimodal transport. We want our customer to focus on his/her main tasks, while we handle their cargo from door to door.


insurance service

Insurance Service


Cargo insurance – is a smart way to protect your cargo during transit. Sometimes it is one of the requirements in a contract, we stand ready to support you here taking over this task.



Your trusted pharmaceutical logistics partner


Streamlined logistics solutions for medicines and pharmaceuticals in the EU, EU-CIS, and EU-Central Asia regions.


office logistic company


Pace Forwarding is a dynamic and a fast growing company founded by forwarders with 10+ years of hands on experience. Our strengths are ultimate customer support, fast action and competitive prices. We have a vast network of agents globally with a focus on the EU, CIS, Central Asia and the Middle East. We believe trust is built on combination of great quality of service, reputation and partner relations. Our team speaks your language, and will do everything for your satisfaction. Our HQ is in located in the center of Warsaw, Poland. Our subsidiaries part of our group are located in Dubai – UAE and Almaty – Kazakhstan. Our team members have the highest European education and have successfully passed IATA, ADR, and GDP exams and received relative certifications.

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