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Pace Forwarding is offering tailored logistics solutions for your industry!

Check below what we can offer for your specific needs.

Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry is one of the most demanding sectors of economy. Requiring fast and strict procedures according to GDP regulations.

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Chemical industry

Chemical industry is a strong backbone of German, French, Swiss and other economies. Serious requirements need to be met to transport dangerous chemicals.

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Oil and Gas industry

Oil & Gas industry and service companies need the best logistics solutions the market can offer. Project transport is usually needed which includes all modes of transport: road, rail, ocean and air.

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FMCG and Retail

FMCG companies need always be highly efficient to enable them to compete on the market. Logistics is one of the main factors which help a successful FMCG business flourish.

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Machinery and Automotive

Heavy machinery and automotive are the industries with one of the most strict requirements from its suppliers. Speed and reliability are crucial for uninterrupted production of vehicles and machinery.

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Agricultural Industry

Agricultural industry is feeding every person on our planet. Without it any economical progress would have been impossible.

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Electronic Industry

Efficient logistics is essential for the success of any electronics company. Expensive parts, dynamic market, long distances between production sites and markets; all those factors characterize Electronics industry making it complex and interesting.

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Project Cargo

Construction of a chemical plant, an oil extraction field, an LNG plant, or a wind farm always involves thousands of tons of cargo to be delivered. Such transport needs to be perfectly synchronized.

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