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For Truckers

Cargo Services

We offer road, ocean, air and rail transport.

Our forwarders will offer suitable mode of transport based on your specific needs.

air cargo

Air Transport

International air deliveries from all over the world. We have contacts with all major airlines and handling agents.

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road cargo

Road Transport

Road transport is one of the most popular ways of transportation around the world. It combines speed with flexibility of door-to-door delivery.

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ocean cargo

Ocean Transport

Containerised ocean transport is the most popular way of cargo transportation in terms of total weight of goods transported. It is very efficient if the cargo is not urgent and involving long distances to destinations.

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rail cargo

Rail Transport

Rail cargo is very effective on long distances. The most popular means for transporting goods over the routes: China-EU and China – CIS. It is containerized rail transport.

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multi cargo

Multimodal Transport

Pace Forwarding is offering international multimodal transport. We want our customer to focus on his/her main tasks, while we handle their cargo from door to door.

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insurance cargo

Insurance Service

Cargo insurance – is a smart way to protect your cargo during transit. Sometimes it is one of the requirements in a contract, we stand ready to support you here taking over this task.

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