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POLAND – BELARUS border crossing closes?




Today we have received information, that Bobrowniki –  one of the main border crossings between Poland and Belarus will be temporarily closed on the 10th of February 2023 due to increased security measures. This closure may result in significant disruption to cargo flows and has raise concerns about the future of trade between Europe and Easter countries.


The closure of the border crossing, which is one of the main transport routes for goods between Poland and Belarus, will lead to long queues of trucks waiting to cross the border. This will result in delays in the delivery of goods, which will cause major problems for businesses that rely on the efficient movement of cargo between the two countries.



The impact of the border closure will be felt particularly keenly by businesses in the agriculture, automotive, and logistics sectors. These industries rely heavily on the smooth flow of goods between Poland and Belarus, and the closure of the border crossing is putting a strain on their operations.



The situation is also affecting smaller businesses that rely on cross-border trade. Many of these companies are struggling to find alternative routes to transport their goods, which is leading to increased costs and disruptions to their supply chains.



 The closure of the border crossing between Poland and Belarus is having a significant impact on cargo flows and is raising concerns about the future of trade between the two countries. It is important for businesses to take proactive steps to mitigate the impact of this closure and to work with their partners and suppliers to find alternative routes for their goods. Contact Pace Forwarding team for more information on how to prepare for closure of the border crossing in Bobrowniki.



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